About us

Shopbox Mobile, a part of Interlinc Solutions Ja Ltd., provides an online shopping experience and door to door delivery for our customers.  For over 18 years, Interlinc Solutions have been serving our customers in the area of distribution and logistics and now through Shopbox provides a simple, reliable way to shop online and ship your purchases to you. We deliver a streamlined and cost-effective shipping process that guarantees your products are boxed and delivered to you in the shortest possible time.

Shopbox Mobile has resources, expertise, customer dedication and global and local logistics experience to make shopping and delivery consistently fast and affordable.

We offer:

  • The best and most mobile friendly shopping experience across multiple marketplaces.
  • Multiple stores, one cart, enabling customers to shop and checkout one time with all stores included simultaneously.
  • Transparent pricing including all shipping, duty and import charges.
  • Reliable and timely international door to door delivery from various partners accross the island
  • Transparent tracking and tracing for all packages.
  • A no-hassle returns process.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to our clients is simple, “Forward thinking solutions” for their ever-evolving business needs. We will enforce robust environmental health and safety standards that protect our employees, customers, contractors, the public and property against incidents. This will be supported through regular quality assurance and audit exercises to measure and improve our work.